Grace Kids Academy

Building Strong Foundations for Your Child's Future


Our infants enjoy tummy time, baby sign language, music and movement. Our teachers are dedicated to giving each child the affection, security and love that they need. They love their one on one feedings, being rocked, sung and talked to, reading textured books and enjoy learning all of the colors. Get ready to get the cutest footprint crafts around!


Our toddlers are working on their balance, sign language, feeding themselves, and exploring everything around them. We love playing in whipped cream, cruising on the bye-bye buggy, creating masterpieces and figuring out how everything works.

Pre-school 2’s – 5’s:

Our preschool classes use A-Beka curriculum which teaches color recognition, shape recognition, and identifying and writing letters and numbers. We have Chapel every Wednesday, which includes praise and worship, a Bible story and a fun activity. We have PE on Mondays and Thursdays, our kids get to dance, do yoga, and strengthen their muscles all while engaging gross motor skills. On Thursdays and Fridays, we get to explore our Sensory Room. We believe children learn through their senses. In our Sensory Room our friends get to play with shaving cream, mix paint between their fingers, scoop water beads, smell scented playdough, look for the matching pieces beneath the sand, the list is never ending. We encourage independence, dramatic play, music and movement, and so much more that fills their day!

School Agers:

We drop off and pick up our school agers at various schools in the surrounding area. Our students who arrive early receive a healthy, balanced breakfast. We encourage each of them to be leaders and do their best as they are dropped off at school.

When we pick our school agers up from school, we help each of them with homework. They receive an afternoon snack, have a daily devotional, play games, enjoy either our indoor or outdoor playground, get creative through arts and crafts and participate in various other fun activities. Every Wednesday our school agers have chapel which includes praise and worship and a Bible story. Contact us for what schools we pick up and drop off.

Mission Statement:

A child’s preschool learning experience can shape his or her academic career. We understand the importance of strong foundations in academics, social/emotional development and spiritual growth. Our goal at Grace Kids Academy is to introduce young children to a lifelong love of learning. We believe our students deserve the best education possible while experiencing the blessing of attending a Christian preschool. Our programs are designed to provide developmentally appropriate activities that encourage children to explore and discover in a safe, loving environment.


At Grace Kids Academy, discovering and developing your child’s potential is our priority. We strive to prepare children for the future, offer age-appropriate curriculum, teach responsibility, encourage prayer and godly values, nurture creativity, temper insecurities, individualize instruction, acknowledge multi-cultural heritage, and love unconditionally.


Full Time 6am - 6pm:

  • Infant (6 weeks - 12 months) = $260 weekly 
  • Toddler (13months – 23months) = $245.00 weekly
  • Two-year-old = $230.00 weekly
  • Three-year-old = $220.00 weekly
  • Four/Five-year-old = $210.00 weekly

Part Time 8am - 3pm (3 years old - 5 years old)

  • PT 2 days = $425 monthly
  • PT 3 days = $525 monthly

School Age:

  • Before/After = $135.00 weekly
  • After = $110.00 weekly
  • Summer = $200.00 weekly

Contact Us:

Thank you for your interest in Grace Kids Academy! For all inquiries, or to schedule a tour, please be sure to contact us.

Grace Kids Academy
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday, 6:00am - 6:00pm

14505 Gulf Freeway, Houston TX 77034
Located inside Grace Church.