Grace Freedom - Grace Church Houston
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Grace Freedom


Grace Freedom is for everyone at any point of your walk with the Lord. We offer classes, conferences, and resources on a variety of subjects including soul ties, hearing God’s voice, God’s heart, vows, judgments, fear, anger, control, pride, poverty, infirmity and more. Experience the life God fully intended you to live. Email us

Grace Freedom Conference:

Join us for our full Grace Freedom Conference May 31st – June 2nd Friday – Sunday at Grace Christian Academy.

Anyone who desires to get closer to God and experience more freedom in their life this year should attend our Grace Freedom Conference. We will be presenting unique topics including; cursing, anger and hate, soul ties, sexual sin, oppression, depression, unforgiveness, generational curses and more. Experience the life God fully intended you to live at this FREE event. Refreshments, lunch on Saturday, and a special celebratory lunch on Sunday are included. For childcare: snacks are included for Friday. Saturday there will be snacks and lunch provided. Sunday, there will be snacks and a special lunch included. Email us for more information.